Small Windows GUI Programs

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Small Windows Freeware Programs - Why ?

For the why and wherefore of these pages (and why there isn't much in this section yet) . . . click here.

Small Windows Freeware Programs - Downloads

lassifying, cataloguing and uploading several thousand programs is not a small task, so don't expect to see immediate uploads.

As I work through them I'll add the items that are available for download below.

Not that it's either here or there . . .

I've been playing around with Synology virtual web sites and URL aliases and this site can also be accessed as:     or

Synology is a pretty spiffy piece of kit . . . I'm enjoying it.

Before the downloads . . . a note on program size in kb:

My definition of the size in kb refers to the size of the program executable (the .exe file) and not the size of any zip file into which the program executable may be packed for distribution on the net.

The zip file size is typically around 1/3 to 2/3 of the un-zipped program executable size, so a small 8kb zip file will typically contain a program executable file size of around 2 to 3 times that, i.e., 16kb to 25kb or for a larger zip file of say, 60kb, the program executable will typically be well over 100kb.

Which means the zip file size is not always a particularly accurate indication of the program executable size.

For all the programs in the 1kb - 10kb category that I'll list on this site, I will verify the size of the each program executable to be in the range of 0.1kb to 10.9kb (and ignore the size of the zip file) as I'm testing each one.

For all the programs in the 11kb - 100kb category, I had intended to include only those up to 60kb zipped size to allow for a compression factor, as I didn't want to open each zip to determine the exe file size.

However, I've since re-discovered a copy of Javier Thaine's Archive Peek (v2.2 for Windows 95) and this is a truly spiffy piece of kit that searches within zip files - while it's marked Windows 95 it works fine on Windows 10, so I'll use this to filter for programs that have an exe size of 11kb - 100kb.

Javier's website is still available at and while this isn't his original Geocities site (on the Internet Archive here), it's a good match in look and feel to the original site.

Thank you Javier for this nice piece of kit (it should be in everyone's toolbox).

This means that I'll now be able to filter based on exe size, which will allow a much better selection process and let me include all the programs I have in the 11kb - 100kb range.

But I still won't be testing each of the ~1800 - I'll leave that up to you.

And yeah, it's a pain in the proverbial for those sites (all) which classify programs according to the zip file size rather than the program executable file size . . . as the actress said to the bishop, it's the real size that matters.

Downloads . . . a work in progress

Some Floppy Office Workspaces . . . aka:

How Many Small Windows GUI Programs Will Fit on 1 Floppy Disk ?

And in the spirit of Xtort and aazard . . .

For my take on how many small office-ish GUI programs can fit in various floppy images . . . click here.

5 collections of small GUI programs in various floppy disk images - 180kb / 360kb / 720kb / 1.44mb / 1.68mb.

These programs will be suitable for Windows XP (although some will / may work fine with w9x - W10).

The Smaller The Better . . .

242 Tiny Windows XP+ GUI Programs --- 1kb - 10kb
--- on 1 Floppy Disk

For the 242 tiny Windows XP+ GUI programs I have that are between 1kb and 10kb . . . click here.

These programs will be suitable for Windows XP (although 
some will / may work fine with w9x - W10).

Interestingly, all 242 programs when zipped fit in a 1.44mb floppy image with room to spare, which means that it's possible to have more than 242 Windows XP+ GUI programs in a 1.44mb floppy disk image.

Which prompts the question - how many Windows XP+ GUI programs can fit in a 1.44mb floppy disk image ?

I'll be on it like a wedgetail on a bunny and let you know.

Shirley, You Must Be Joking . . .

343 Tiny Windows XP+ GUI Programs --- 1kb - 13kb
--- on 1 Floppy Disk

And the answer to the question above is . . . 343 . . . click here for details and downloads.

Small Windows XP+ GUI Programs --- 1kb - 100kb

Another entry on the to-do list.

For the small Windows XP+ GUI programs I have that are between 1kb and 100kb . . . click here.

These programs will be suitable for Windows XP (although 
some will / may work fine with w9x - W10).

As You're Interested in Small Windows Programs:

Here are a couple of interesting links for you to explore.

Dubber's Freeware Links page:

Has 2,385 links to old freeware websites listed (on 1 page) - seems to have been last updated ~2006.

I've explored a few links and there are some real gems to be found - plus some classic sites now long gone.

Some of the sites listed are still up but for most it's the Wayback Machine (where DLs are a bit hit'n'miss, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick).

Dubber's site is here:

I've also created a .pdf document of the page with clickable links . . . click here to download.

If you want to travel back in time, check Dubber's Acme Freeware web link from 2005 on Wayback or just use the link:

Ghacks - 50 x 100kb or Less Windows Programs:

An interesting page on Ghacks with a write-up on 50 small 100k or less Windows software programs, originally from 2010 and last updated 2016.

Some of the classics are included.

Ghacks page is here:

I've also created a .pdf document of the page with clickable links . . . click here to download.

Credit Where It's Due

In the last 25 to 35 years, give or take, going back to the days of floppynet (remember all those copy utilities to work around copy protection ?) I've downloaded, tried and ended up using a lot of freeware programs.

I've always been impressed by the attitude and application of authors who create applications off their own bat and then make their work freely available for everyone.

I'm sure Janice has also adjusted the ledger accordingly.

One day I'll get around to producing a list of many of my favourite freeware authors.

Until I do that, here's a shout out for 3 of my favourite authors who I think deserve more recognition:

* Darius S, author of some fine small apps (and a local lad):

* Jason S, another author of some excellent small apps (and by coincidence another local lad):

* Nir Sofer, a most prodigious author of some excellent apps (not a local lad, but still . . )


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