Small Windows GUI Programs

95 - 98 - ME - 2K - XP - 6 - 7

Why these pages exist:

These pages are for some of the small Windows freeware programs I've accumulated over the last 25+ years, ranging from the small (500kb to 101kb), to the tiny (100kb to 11kb), to the micro (10kb and less).

I've been something of a freeware collector during that time and I've a collection of around 100,000 programs (give or take the odd 1,000 or 3).

I've always been intrigued by small Windows programs and how these could achieve the same result as programs 10 or 100 times their size.

Mainly though, I admire the skill and discipline that's needed in creating very small yet functional programs.

Uploading them here is also a way of helping to preserve them as many of these earlier programs are in danger of disappearing from the net.

I had planned on putting the small programs I have on this site for
download (~7,000 programs).

owever I did a check recently of the programs I have that are 500kb and less and it was well over 7,000 programs.

As I'm not inclined to spend the time classifying and cataloguing all of these, I'm going to limit my efforts to only doing the programs that are 100kb and less (the tiny and micro), which is around 1,800 programs.

* Note: These are intended to be GUI programs that run on Windows 2K/XP and up (or down to w9x) - I won't intentionally include any DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 9x only, Windows 7+ only, or XP CMD line programs.

I also won't include any games, drivers, virtual machine programs, MAC, Acorn or other odds'n'sods programs, and definitely no programs for Krusty the Clown's favourite joke OS (aka Linux).

If I've any motivation left after that I might do the other 5,000 up to 500kb in size (although the chances of that are getting pretty slim).

I'll probably also create some collections of small programs (web browser, file managers, image viewers, etc.) and upload them here.

I've a lot of Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and 98 specific programs as well but if you want those, get them from my FTP site - the same goes for all the programs I'll be listing here. You can download the VCD catalog and software on my FTP site and then sort the VCD database by size to see what's there that may be of interest.

classifying, cataloguing and uploading 1,800 programs programs is not a small task, don't hold your breath.

And as for cataloguing the other ~90,000 freeware programs . . . check back after hell has frozen over.

Be that as it may, as I work through them and catalog and then upload them here, the previous page will list what's available for download.

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Updated  07 October 2023