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I've been futzing around with this on and off for a month or two and it's starting to give me the irrits.

I did another NAS scan the other week and came up with 3434 zip files and 1200 exe files in the 1-100kb group (yeah, I've decided to go with 1-100kb instead of 11-100kb).

There's a fair amount of crp in this such as duplicates, extracted program files and program installs, system drivers, obscure OS files and even more obscure OS's (anyone remember Oberon ?) so it would take a while to clean it up and de-dup it a bit.

I also discovered that while Archive Peek is a nifty little tool it's one that was intended for w9x and while it does work on Windows 10, it poops it's trousers (memory exception) after searching through a thousand or two files.

I don't feel inclined to spend several weeks de-duping, filtering and cleaning out the chaff from a batch of 4634 files and also classifying and grouping the result.

So it's looking as though I'll end up doing a minimal de-dup and scrap the easily identifiable crp and then copy what's left as-is into a directory structure that mirrors the current one, zip it and post it here.

If you decide to download the zip then you can do whatever filtering and cleanup you like.

A bit on the slack side but then I'm old, cranky, don't give a rats and I'm not being paid by the hour.

Which means the zip file uploaded here will be either:

* All the .exe and .zip freeware files I have that are between 1kb and 100kb, or

* All the exe files I have between 1kb-100kb and all zip files I have between 1kb-67kb (to allow for a roughly
  33% compression factor on the exe)

Option 1 means there'll be a number of program exe files that unzip to more than 100kb and option 2 means there'll be a number of zip files between 68kb and 100kb that were excluded from the search results that actually contain program exe files less than 100kb, but had a very poor compression ratio.

Either way, it's a bit hit'n'miss, so it's probably a case of what I feel like doing on the day and as this is getting very tedious I'll probably go down the path of least resistance.

I imagine you'll work it out.

                                          While waiting, browse my floppy workspaces here.

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Updated  13 January 2024