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Site Disclaimer - Read Slowly

I had thought that a disclaimer such as this wouldn't be necessary, but I've since realised that the smartphone generation isn't, so here we are.

All software on this site is provided "uberrimae fidei" and with no malicious intent.

The software available on this site falls mainly into 3 categories:

 * Old freeware programs for DOS and early Windows versions (w3.1, w9x, w2K, XP)

 * Various small customised versions of Windows XP (such as those by eXPer1ence)

 * VirtualBox VHD files that I've created to demonstrate multi-booting Windows, boot managers and various
   Windows shells and DOS menus

I am not the author of any freeware programs on this site and the freeware here is some of what I've collected over the last 25+ years and is made available as found.

Neither am I the author of any of the small customised versions of Windows XP (or other earlier versions) as they are also
what I've collected over the last 25+ years and are made available as found.

I am the creator of various VirtualBox VHD files that demonstrate multi-booting and various other things related to early versions of Windows.

As far as I'm aware, there is no malware, spyware, virus, trojan, hijacker, bot or whatever else fits into the current threat model of a very insecure generation (i.e., the average smartphone user) available on this site.

However, with that said, there may be some things your AV will object to, for example, some customised versions of XP may have non standard features that prompt a warning and some freeware such as Windows key finders may also have the same effect.

And before you decide to drop whatever you download here onto VirusTotal as a check, I'd suggest that approach is a waste, as VirusTotal has gone to hell in a hand basket.

The site seems to have adopted management principle #3 "Quantity, not quality" in using bottom tier AV vendors that offer up useless opinions.

What the hell does "AI - Suspicious (Confidence 60%)" even mean ?

If that's the best you can do, it's probably better to keep your trap shut rather than letting us all know you're swimming at the bottom of the gene pool.

As an example (which you can easily replicate) I uploaded the Windows NT Clock, Control Panel and MineSweeper game to VT and each of these received between 12 and 13 malware / trojan / malicious alerts.

Pics of the VT analysis are here . . . here . . . and here.

A complete waste of space - drop some early Windows system apps (or freeware) on VT and have a chuckle.

If you want to use an AV to check what you download, use what's on your device rather than VT and that way it will be a far less annoying experience than VT.

The bottom line - no freeware program or other software available here is provided with malicious intent - but some may require adult behaviour.

If you understand this, then click "I understand" to acknowledge and continue browsing this site.

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(As you're curious - rule #1 "Activity, not productivity", #2 "Style, not substance", #4 "If it's right, I did it - if it's wrong, you did it", #5 "Never put anything in writing" and the most important one - #6 "Deny, deny, deny".)

Updated  14 October 2023